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Stress in the workplacespacerIn today’s world more and more people are feeling the effects of stress, whether it is caused in the workplace or at home is largely irrelevant as the problem will still manifest itself in the workplace anyway.

Stress can manifest itself in a range of symptoms from headaches and tension to more serious illnesses like muscle fatigue and even depression. People set themselves and are set unrealistic goals, work under constant pressure to achieve them and then wonder why they are tired all the time, unable to concentrate, their morale is low, have multiple aches and pains, high blood pressure, palpitations, the list is endless.
Instead of getting up refreshed and ready to meet their challenges they are demotivated, take days off sick and their day becomes a real grind.
A troubled employee is not as productive as a contented employee. Their work rate will drop and they may make mistakes. This causes them further stress.

Research shows that healthy, happy employees are more focused, efficient and therefore productive, and performance improves as a result. With continued care, stress related problems such as tension, back aches and fatigue can be prevented.

Consequently more and more companies are discovering the benefits of introducing stress relief programmes. Employers find that with in house therapy treatments stress is greatly reduced, leading to increased motivation and less absenteeism.

I can bring various treatments to the workplace, to a conference or special event or as a one off to your business, fitting around meetings, lunchtimes etc, so that your staff can take a few minutes out of their day to find some relaxation. Programmes can be individually developed to suit each particular company and their staff.



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